Dear To whom it may concern,

The National Institute for the Humanities (NIHU*) is delighted to announce the 5th NIHU International Prize in Japanese Studies.
Established in January 2019 with the support of the Kuraray Foundation, the Prize will be awarded to researchers based overseas who have shown outstanding achievement in Japan-related scholarship in literature, language, history, ethnology, folklore studies, the environment and other fields related to the human culture studies, and have made great contributions to the international development of Japanese studies.
For more details, please visit the following web site. We look forward to your application.

*NIHU was established in 2004 as a corporation to support and further develop inter-university research institutes that promote research in the humanities. The current constituent organizations are the National Museum of Japanese History (REKIHAKU), the National Institute of Japanese Literature (NIJL), the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL), the International Research Center for Japanese Studies (NICHIBUNKEN), the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN), and the National Museum of Ethnology (MINPAKU).

Yours sincerely,