Simona Kumpė
Vytautas Magnus University. Centre for Asian Studies. Senior coordinator
Takagi Kayako
Vytautas Magnus University. Senior Coordinator

Compilation of Textbook for Japanese Speaking Guides in Lithuania

With the growing number of Japanese tourists coming to Lithuania there was a growing need for the Japanese speaking guides. While there are courses for people who want to obtain a guiding license, there are no specialized courses nor material in Lithuanian language to get the specific knowledge for guiding in the Japanese language. The responsibilities of a tourist guide go beyond mere introduction of touristic places, and include communication with the tour attendants, interpretation, handling troubles, etc. Given the specifics of the Japanese language and culture (levels of politeness, communication with one’s client, etc.) and the complexity of tourism-related vocabulary (words related to religion, architecture, history, etc.) the need for a textbook for guides in Lithuania was felt. Therefore, the staff of the Centre for Asian Studies (Vytautas Magnus University) have released such a textbook in March of 2020.

The textbook is compiled so that it could be used not only by already established or potential Japanese speaking tour guides, but also by the Japanese language learners (intermediate level) and their teachers to use in their classes. In this presentation, we shall talk about the compilation of the first textbook for the Japanese speaking guides, its structure, and what competences the learners can acquire from it. 

A short course to test the practicality of this textbook will also be reported in this presentation. This course is held for learners of intermediate level Japanese or above and uses a part of the textbook concerned. Based on the results, we will discuss the effective use of this textbook in the classroom and the possibility of offering a course for Japanese language guides.