Fabiano Takashi Rocha
University of Toronto. Japan Studies Librarian

Developing the Japanese Canadian Researchers Directory & Bibliography Utilizing an Open Access Platform

In this presentation, I would like to introduce the Japanese Canadian Researchers Directory & Bibliography – one of the key outcomes of the Ours to Tell Project whose primary goal is to ensure adequate representation of Japanese Canadians in the process of telling Japanese Canadian communities’ stories. The directory and bibliography can be used by anyone who expresses an interest in Japanese Canadian history (and other relevant disciplines), but it aspires to be a reference tool for outsiders, and individuals who are responsible for making decisions about policy and funding. I will talk about my experience as the Project Lead in the developing this interactive database by discussing the process of 1) determining the scope, 2) establishing a process for data collection and curation, 3) selecting of an open access platform, 4) developing of a tagging system to enhance searching and browsability and 5) assessing advantages and limitations of the platform.